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Below this chart is an example of the different metal wires we provide which come in a wide range of measurements from 02mm to 4mm. Non precious metal colored and steel wires article all about jewelry making wire article.

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In the united states the standard is to refer to wire in its gauge size.

Jewellery wire gauge chart. However the rest of the world refers to wire diameter in millimeters. Wire gauge chart this is an awg or american wire gauge chart used in wire jewelry making. Use finer or higher gauge wire for more delicate jewelry with smaller stones or in bundles of multiple lengths of wire.

Use thicker wire with a lower gauge number for bigger jewelry and bigger stones. Most bracelet patterns can be made using 21 to 22 gauge wire and a masculine bracelet may use 20 gauge. With wire gauge the smaller the gauge number the greater the diameter.

All about jewelry wire wire gauge sizes explained october 16 2013 by jessica barst 14 comments when working with jewelry wire it is very important to understand the basics of wire gauge hardness and material and how these factors affect your designs. Unless otherwise stated the gauge for products on our site is ca. Jewelry wire gauge table.

When comparing gauges the lower the gauge number the thicker the wire. View wire wrap and wirework design inspirations in the gallery of designs thread cord and wire information chart know your beading wire article jewelry making wire. The commonly used gauges are from 12 gauge or 205 millimeters to as thin as 30 gauge or 0255 millimeters.

We have created this handy wire gauge conversion chart showing the awg american wire gauge sizes and their equivalents in both inches and millimeters. All the commonly used wire diameters are included in the chart. Regarding rings and earrings we.

Understanding wire gauge thickness is important when buying craft wire or beading wire or items made from wire such as jump rings head pins earring hooks and other findings. Its also good to know or be familiar with the millimeter equivalent of wire gauge.

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