Pandora Bracelet 2019 Cleaner Tips

Pandora Bracelet 2019 Cleaner Tips – It is suppose to be silver but its seems to be turning. It was my intention to take it to a jewellery to see if they could clean it for me. But what I am going to do is do a test and put it in some baking soda and see what happens. See if i could get it clean make it look decent see how its looking? And get it back to looking brand new.

Pandora Bracelet Cleaning

Pandora Brecelet
Pandora Brecelet

I am going to add some baking soda to it and leave it for a few hours. The reason why i decided to try this is because i normally clean my cutlery that has rust on it using the baking soda. So it just dawned on me why don’t you just try this tip to see, if you could get your Pandora bracelet clean. So i will leave it for a little while and see if this will work.

I am going for my little walk and take a swim and when i come back, I will see if there is any difference. Okay I threw out the excess water and decided just to make a paste with the baking soda. Just baking soda and a pinch of water so I have like a paste and the paste is looking a bit black already so that. means that the blackness from my Pandora bracelet is removing and transferring to the baking soda.

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I am already seeing a difference i will leave it for a little while longer and see what happens. Okay about 2-3 hours has passed and I am seeing a difference already. This looks shiny this particular charm was very black. So I am going to wash it out now see how it’s looking? Very shiny already. So I am going to wash it out and put it to dry. This is enough for the day Wow! That is beautiful, Why didn’t I think about this before? It is so much cleaner i didn’t have to spend a cent. Thank you for read my tips cleaner pandora bracelet in 2019.